An all-in-one package for backtesting, scanning, trading, and risk.

Backtester: Test your strategies

Our flagship product allows you to backtest any option strategy dating back to 2007.

Bullish, bearish, & neutral strategies

Hundreds of entry & exit triggers

Days to expiration & strike selection

Save and sort backtests

See breakdown of every trade

See overview of monthly returns


Option Scanner: Find trades meeting your criteria

Scan and rank thousands of option trades based on volatility metrics, delta cost, and other theoretical values. Add stock scans, entry criteria, and custom signals to every strategy.

Adjust rank weightings for theoreticals

Run a stock scan or enter your own symbols

Check for upcoming earnings or dividends

Scan on custom backtests

Sort by any column

Change timeframe and strike deltas

Filter columns

Option Scanner

New! Trade Analyzer: Price changes explained

Get critical details on every trade including price attribution and theoretical payoff adjustments.

Profit attribution

Developed in-house by the traders at ORATS, the price attribution calculation breaks down how greeks, skew and theoretical values impact your trade. For more information on profit attribution, read the blog post here.

Order adjustment

Manually change the expiry, strike, quantity, and price of the trade. Click the eye icon to toggle visibility of each leg in the payoff diagram.

Theoretical payoff adjustments

Quickly adjust "What if?" scenarios for implied volatility and days to expiration to see how the theoretical value today will change according to your parameters.


See how Delta, Gamma, Theta, and Vega will change over time as the stock price changes.

Trade Analyzer

New! Signal Builder: Time your trades

Create and backtest custom intraday (one-minute) signals with fast and slow moving averages, RSI, and criteria values from over 80 ORATS indicators.

Compare fast and slow moving averages

Build custom ratio indicators

Immediately check backtest results

See if criteria is met

Hover to see minute-by-minute values

Drag viewbox to see timeframe

Signal Builder

Indicator Explorer: Data definitions, charts, and scans

We've added an entire tab dedicated to educating you on each of over 800 indicators, complete with definitions, analysis, API endpoints, related indicators, and more.

Search 800+ indicators and definitions

Learn details about advanced calculations

Browse and link to related indicators

Quickly access API endpoints

Chart history for any symbol

Stock scan results sorted by indicator

Indicator Explorer

Options Chain: With powerful additions

View a redesigned options chain with adjustable columns plus a detailed graph of monthly implied volatility.

Order highlighting

Call & put IVs for each expiration

Outlier slope, confidence, and IV highlighted

Click and drag to adjust columns

At-the-money implied volatility

Options Chain

Trade Builder: Visualize your trade

Chart future expirations and strikes with overlays for earnings, trendlines, volatility, open interest, and more.

Value Vol heat map

Insider transactions

OI and volume for each strike

Earnings history

IV vs HV history

Drag and drop trade legs

Click & drag to see more expirations

Add custom indicators

Trade Builder

Stock Scanner: Find tickers meeting your levels

Scan over 5,000 stocks and ETFs using 700+ proprietary option indicators plus 22 new fundamental indicators.

Load pre-canned scans

Add custom indicators

Filter on fundamental & volatility metrics

Choose percentiles or custom values

Create ratios to components

Save your scans

Send symbols to option scanner

Sort columns

Stock Scanner

Earnings & Financials: A history of earnings

View and download historical earnings information and quarterly financial data for any stock.

Implied vs. actual earn move

See upcoming implied move

View and download earnings history

Choose between 10+ graphs to overlay

Next earnings & dividend date

Search over 5,000 symbols

Earnings & Financials



$99 /mo

All the tools for options trading strategy development. For individual use.

$29 14-day Trial
Signal Builder
Trade Analyzer
Stock Scanner
Option Scanner
Trade Builder
Earnings & Financials
Options Chain
Optimizer Engine
Backtests /mo
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