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Send orders through your favorite broker and monitor your positions with text and email alerts. Or, paper trade your strategies in a safe and risk-free environment.


Market Intelligence

Uncover the largest trades made in the market today inside our new Market Intelligence tab. We scan time and sales data so you can see which trades stand out – a helpful piece of information when developing an investment thesis.

The Market Intelligence tab also features informative visuals for a variety of market-wide reports, including top movers, unusual volume, earnings, and dividends. Click on any of the tickers and the Dashboard takes you to see more detail related to your request.

Trade Ideas

Trade ideas aren't just ideas anymore - we backtest every trade idea so that you can make better decisions rooted in historical data. You can find the trade's annual margin return going back to 2007, the max drawdown %, and 35 other performance metrics to go along with a detailed trade log.

To find the top trades for today, we first rank all of our pre-compiled backtests across all symbols and strategies by best return on risk, filtering those with entry triggers that match the current environment (VIX, SMA, RSI, IV Percentile, and slope percentile). Then for each of the top performing backtested strategies, we scan to find the best options trade ranked by POP%, risk/reward, and theoretical edge. This table updates every ten minutes.

Trade Ideas

Profit Attribution

Developed in-house by the traders at ORATS, the profit attribution calculation breaks down how greeks, skew and theoretical values impact your trades. We calculate this on a per-trade basis, then add it up to get a total portfolio value. For example, if yesterday the debit cost of your trade was $0.74, and today it's $0.86, where is the $0.12 price increase coming from? We break it down into eight factors.

Profit Attribution

Trade Analysis

Analyze your options trades with a state-of-the-art payoff diagram (Greeks included). Additionally, quickly adjust "What if?" scenarios in the trade analyzer to see how the theoretical value today will change according to your parameters. We offer two variables:

1. Implied Volatility Change %: Choose how much to increase or decrease the implied volatility of the position.

2. Days to Expiration: Choose how much to increase or decrease the time to expiration of the position.

Trade Analysis

Broker Integration

Connect to any of our supported brokers and access your entire portfolio all in one place. Backtest strategies, launch option scans, and open and close orders without leaving ORATS.

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An all-in-one package for research, backtesting, trading, and risk management.

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An all-in-one package for research, backtesting, trading, and risk management.


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