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Time your trades

Create and backtest custom intraday (one-minute) signals with fast and slow moving averages, RSI, and criteria values from over 80 ORATS indicators.

Signal Builder

Add Custom Criteria

To build a signal, start by choosing from one of over 5,000 supported stocks, ETFs, or indexes. Then, add custom criteria to check when your signal is met. With over 80 proprietary indicators, you can create nearly infinite criteria combinations. For each indicator, choose from a variety of technicals to compare, such as simple moving average or relative strength index. You can customize what time period you want to use to compute these values.

Add Custom Criteria

Backtest Your Signals

Signals mean nothing if you can't backtest them! Powered by our Intraday Data API, you can backtest your custom signals every minute of the day for the last 30 days. The backtester includes various settings you can adjust to calculate performance. Drag and widen the view box slider to change your timeframe. 

Backtest Your Signals

Explore the Indicators

Does technical analysis play an important role in your options trading strategies? For us, it's all we think about. That is why we are sharing hundreds of proprietary indicators developed from over 20 years of experience in the industry. These indicators are used in the Stock Scanner, Signal Builder, and other tools in the dashboard to filter symbols and alert you to potential options trades. Go to the Indicators tab to browse definitions, analysis, API endpoints, related indicators, and more.

Explore the Indicators

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An all-in-one package for research, backtesting, trading, and risk management.

Trading Tools

An all-in-one package for research, backtesting, trading, and risk management.


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