Our story, our value

Company Overview

ORATS is a premier options analytics vendor committed to uncovering untapped alpha-generating solutions. ORATS utilizes an advanced, proprietary volatility analysis to produce implied, forecast, and historical volatilities that have been proven to be more accurate market summarizations than those obtained from most commonly available sources.

Our Philosophy

Why has ORATS been recognized as the industry leader in volatility and options data since 2001? The secret goes beyond the quality of our research. It lies in our decades of experience as successful options traders. We approach data and trading the way traders do. We temper theory with market reality. We insist on methods that have been proven quantitatively as well as through success in the marketplace. That is why top options traders and industry-leading front-end vendors alike trust in our data and products. They produce exceptional results.

Excellent customer service is an imperative behind the way ORATS does business. Customers are often pleasantly surprised and delighted to deal directly with our principal employees whenever issues might arise. ORATS is highly responsive to customer requests, treating your business needs as if they were our own.

ORATS never rests in our relentless pursuit of perfecting our data. We constantly check all of our forecasts vs actuals. Our volatility forecasts consistently beat implied volatilities in predicting future volatility in regression testing and backtesting. In backtests, of the hundreds of variables, our forecast consistently is the top predictor of future profitability. This backtesting offers impartial and scientifically valid proof -- ORATS data gives its customers an exceptional edge when trading in the open markets.

ORATS never rests in our relentless pursuit of perfecting our data.

Our Team

Matt Amberson, Principal and Founder. ORATS was born out of a need by traders to get access to more accurate and realistic option research. Matt started ORATS to support his options trading firm. Matt had the foresight to hire and train statistically minded individuals, put them on the floor and develop research to aid in trading options. He is heavily involved with product design and quantitative research. Matt has a Masters degree from Kellogg School of Business.

Sam Rauch, Chief Technical Officer. Sam has been with ORATS since its beginning in 2001 cutting his teeth trading on the floor of the CBOE. Sam is one of those unique individuals who has a head for trading and for the research and programming it takes to keep a firm like ORATS running smoothly. He is integral to the ORATS team, responsible for product development, technology, and IT infrastructure, and product support. Sam holds post graduate, technical certifications from the options savvy DePaul University in Chicago.

Jon Kong, Software Engineer. Jon is a talented and honored software engineer who has experience trading and, previous to ORATS, has held programming positions at elite companies such as The Options Clearing Corporation and Sogeti, a subsidiary of Capgemini. He has been with ORATS for years and is now the lead developer. Jon has a Masters degree with honors in Software Engineering from DePaul University Chicago.

Wendy Rauch, Dividend Analyst. Wendy's experience at Stein Roe Mutual Funds in Chicago prepared her well for the very intensive methods of analyzing dividends for ORATS. Option traders need not only extremely accurate current dividends but also dividend estimates going out years. Wendy provides in-depth analysis of equity dividend information with a focus on how this information relates to the options market.

Kathy Cunningham, Business Manager. Kathy keeps the ORATS office running smoothly. She previously held a position at Jacqueline Sloan Inc., a firm known to many option trading firms in Chicago. Kathy is efficient in providing top notch service to all ORATS customers.

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