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Intraday Data API

Get live, delayed, and historical one-minute options data back to August 2020 for over 5,000 symbols.

Minutes of data
Get all this with an Intraday Data API subscription


Query down-to-the-minute options data.

One-minute intraday history available back to August 2020.

Option OPRA information available back to January 2022 for 1,270 tickers.

API requests return a minified CSV file for further parsing.

Granular Data

Narrow down millions of historical options.

Go back in time to the options chain for any minute during the trading day.

Filter options by ticker, expiry, and strike.

All options include greeks and ORATS smoothed values.

Implied Monies

Get detailed indicators for every expiration.

Seed volatilities for 21 different call deltas.

ATM term structure IV with and without the earnings effect.

Weighted market width and confidence levels.

SMV Summaries

Explore all kinds of implied volatility.

Interpolated IVs from 10-365 days at 4 different deltas.

Forward and flat forward volatility.

Borrow rate, contango, and other measures of confidence.

Explore all 8 endpoints in the API console.
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API Pricing
Access industry standard options data plus a plethora of proprietary indicators.

Data API

Perfect for getting started


/ month

Try 14 days for $29

Limited to 1,000 requests during trial


20,000 requests per month


Strikes + History

Strikes by Options + History

Monies Implied + History

Monies Forecast + History

SMV Summaries + History

Core Data + History

Daily Price

Historical Volatility

Dividend History

Earnings History

Stock Split History

IV Rank + History

Data API + Live

Best for active traders


/ month

Try 14 days for $29

Limited to 1,000 requests during trial

Everything in Data API, plus:

100,000 requests per month

Live Data (Tradier account required)

Strikes by Expiry

Expiration Dates

Intraday Data API + Live

Access to all ORATS endpoints


/ month

Try 14 days for $29

Limited to 1,000 requests during trial

Everything in Data API + Live, plus:

1,000,000 requests per month

Intraday Strikes Chain + History

Intraday Option by OPRA + History

Intraday Monies Implied + History

Intraday SMV Summaries + History

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