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A comprehensive dividend data set

A daily FTP download service with all expected ex-div dates and forecasted dividend amounts for the next 2.67 years for all stocks with US exchange listed options.

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This file lists the closest upcoming dividend ex-dividend date, expected payment amount, and denotes if the data is Estimated ("E"), Acknowledged ("A"), Acknowledged by one or more, but not all sources("I") or Overridden ("O").

Stock Div Forecasts

This file compares the computed projected dividend amount against what is being implied in the current options market. If the projected amount is not verified by the current market environment, it is tempered. Furthermore, the forecasts are split-adjusted and are converted to USD in the case when the dividend is expected in a foreign currency.

Stock Div Hist Growth

This file contains ORATS' raw proprietary dividend forecast amounts. The dividend payout amounts in this file are NOT compared to the dividend amount being implied in the current options marketplace.

Special Dividends

This file only contains upcoming confirmed special dividends. Our feed fully conforms to the OCC "12.5" rule on special dividends and includes/excludes dividends in accordance with the rule.

Our Approach
We take the complexity out of dividend forecasting by combining historical patterns, implied dividends, and streaming news to make simple, accurate projections.
Historical Dividends
We offer 14 years of historical forecasts and actual dividends and incorporate dividend trend models to project future dividend streams.
Seasonal Effects
The projected dividend dates and amounts also take into account seasonal irregularities observed in the past. Our dividend consultant analyzes this data and adjusts our calculations to account for any abnormalities.
Implied Dividends
Using our proprietary IV indicators, we compute implied dividends – a calculated estimate of how much a company will pay as a dividend along the entire option expiration calendar.
Intraday Updates
We partnered with top corporate actions provider Wall Street Horizon, whose algorithms are continuously scanning the news wires and providing ORATS with updated data and fundamental analysis.
Dividends Pricing
Simple and accurate dividends data files for your options research.


Simple and accurate dividends data files for your options research.

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Daily Stock Div Forecasts file

Daily Stock Div Hist Growth file

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