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Who We Are
The leading platform for options data, backtesting, trading, and more.
We believe that alpha (an investment strategy's ability to beat the market) is a consequence of quality data. That's why we've built an entire ecosystem around thousands of our proprietary indicators and historical quotes. Our products have helped firms, advisors, and retail traders take advantage of our quality data and develop more informed options trading strategies. And it's why we're committed to building the best platform in the industry. Learn how we've grown since our inception in 2001, and read about our vision for the future.
Matt Amberson starts as a CBOE market maker and hires statistically minded individuals for market making and options research. Techniques to calculate superior volatility calculations and forecasts are developed.
Option Research & Technology Services (ORATS) is formed to offer options products using procedures developed for a successful market making operation. The Smoothed Market Values (SMV) system is designed to produce the best greeks, implied volatilities and theoretical values in the industry.
Core data based on summarizations from the SMV system including implied earnings and dividends is offered as a product.
Data APIs are offered to access information. Backtesting options strategies for clients are introduced.
The first version of Wheel – our online platform for backtesting – is released to the public.
SMV summarizations added including forward volatilities, skew granularities, and component calculations.
Optimization services are offered to clients as a way to quickly test thousands of parameters and indicators to find the best-performing investment strategies.
The ORATS dashboard is launched, adding stock scanning, trade building, earnings analysis, and more to our suite of web tools.
What's next?
Systematic Trading
We're working with your favorite brokers to help integrate trading into the dashboard. Develop, scan, and trade your favorite strategies all in one platform.
More Videos
We're preparing to launch all-new ORATS video content that covers optimized backtests, stock scans, earnings analysis, and more.
Intraday Backtesting
You asked for it! We're re-building our flagship backtesting engine from the ground up to handle 1-minute intraday option data in addition to end-of-day data.
Our Team
Meet the people behind our products.
Matt Amberson
Founder & Principal
Matt started ORATS in 2001 and has served thousands of clients in his two decades at the helm. Before ORATS, Matt worked as a market maker on the floor of the CBOE.
Jon Kong
Director of Engineering
Jon has been with ORATS since 2007, leading the engineering efforts in building out our products, services, and IT infrastructure.
Tyler Cheves
Product Manager
Before working at ORATS, Tyler created an options trading platform on iOS. His experience as a developer, trader, and designer helps us improve and expand our product offering.
Wendy Rauch
Dividend Analyst
Wendy has been our lead dividends researcher since 2009. Prior to ORATS Wendy worked as public relations manager for a large mutual fund management company.
Jonathan Sleeuw
Jonathan has served a variety of roles at ORATS over the years. With decades of experience working within financial firms, Jonathan provides valuable insight and development tips.