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Tuesday, January 18th 2022

Catch Matt Amberson on the Alpha Exchange Podcast

Listen to Matt Amberson, founder of ORATS, on the Alpha Exchange podcast.


Matt Amberson, founder of ORATS, discusses the evolution of the listed equity options market over the last 3 decades, his approach to trading options, and the development of ORATS' data, analytics, and option back-testing service on the Alpha Exchange podcast.


Matt Amberson is among those who have watched the steady and consequential evolution of the listed equity options market over the last 3 decades. Getting his start on the floor of the CBOE in the 90’s, he was in the trenches during the period of incredible single stock volatility that was tied to the original tech bubble. While markets were not nearly as efficient then as they are now, Matt sought to improve his edge in trading options, seeking enhanced methods for estimating a stock’s volatility and searching for instances where the market may have left value undiscovered. Using proprietary option valuation and hedging techniques, Matt backed traders who were tasked with implementing this systematic approach some 25 years ago. And while those days are past, the IP developed lives on in the form of the company founded by Matt, ORATS, Option Research and Technology Services. Throughout our conversation, we learn about the growth of the US listed options market and how Matt and his partners have developed their data, analytics and option back-testing service. In the process, we consider risk events like GME and hear Matt’s perspective on risk-management protocol in light of the increasing frequency of up-shocks in stocks.  I hope you enjoy this episode of the Alpha Exchange, my conversation with Matt Amberson.

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