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Monday, June 17th 2019

Optimize Backtesting: Find the Best Way to Trade a Strategy

Backtest options strategy combinations like delta, technical indicator triggers like contango, exit trigger like stop-loss, using the Optimizing process.


The ORATS Backtester's Optimizer feature allows for quick and efficient backtesting of thousands of options strategy combinations, technical indicator triggers, and exit triggers. The results are returned in a sortable and filterable table, making it easy to identify the best rules-based strategy based on investment objectives. The Optimizer runs in the cloud and is available for a free trial.

Find the best way to trade an options strategy the Optimizer feature of the ORATS Backtester.

With the Optimizer, you can set up and run thousands of backtests quickly, and get the results back in a table that is sortable and filterable. This will help you identify the best rules-based strategy based on your investment objectives.

Check out the Quick Start Video Guide to the Optimizer here...


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The Optimizer runs in the cloud parallel and fast.

The Optimizer returns a table that is sortable and filterable.

Quickly identify the best performing way to trade a strategy based on your investment philosophy. Sort on Sharpe Ratio. Filter by Win Rate %.

More information here: Optimizer webpage.

Give it a try: Get a free trial here.


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