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Monday, October 7th 2019

Pros and Cons of the ORATS Backtester

The ORATS backtester offers a flexible, easy to use, powerful way to test and implement your options strategies.


The ORATS backtester offers flexibility, ease of use, quality data, trade triggers, and a backtest report. However, it does not offer intraday data. ORATS aims to be the premier place to research, backtest, implement, and maintain options strategies that meet investor objectives.

We were asked, "What are the pros and cons of your backtesting service?"

Flexibility: From Long Stock to Iron Condors, from combining strategies to using triggers to trade, the backtester can test the vast majority of ideas we have heard in 10 years of backtesting.

Ease of Use: You do not need to be a coder to fire up our backtester and get results (although our Backtester has an API for programmers). A backtest is easy to set up and quick to run. We are very active on our blog and have great knowledge base there.

Depth and Quality of Data: All US equity options symbols back to 2007 including indexes SPX and VIX, with quality ORATS smoothed greeks and data cleaning.

Trade Triggers: Enter or exit your trades based on earnings dates, technical indicators, options indicators, profit stop loss/gain, spread price percent of strike width reached, and many more.

Backtest Report: Features annualized returns, Sharpe, Sortino, win%, best/worst month/year, and the ability to download trades and results.

Scan Integration: Once you have a backtested strategy, you can scan to find options meeting your entry or exit criteria in the market.

We do not offer intraday data. We use near end of day data, snapped at 14-minutes before the close to backtest.

Our mission at ORATS is to be the premier place to research, backtest, implement and maintain options strategies that meet investor objectives.

A large part of our mission is to provide a state of the art backtester. Moreover, when a suitable backtest is found, the integration with our scanner helps to enter and exit trades, critical for implementing an options strategy.

What do you think? We would love to hear from you and, if you have not yet, you can try the backtester here for 14-days free (requires a credit card but you will be alerted before going live on your subscription).

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