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Monday, August 19th 2019

Accessing Options Data with the Data API Just Got More Efficient

Five new features for the Data API are multi-ticker data, retrieve core together, select date ranges on strikes, and retrieve intraday specific strike requests.


The ORATS Data API has added five upgrades, including multi-ticker data requests, retrieving general and earnings core columns together, selecting date ranges on strikes, and retrieving intraday specific strike requests. The API limit is 5000 rows per request.

We have added five time saving upgrades to the ORATS Data API.

Here is more on the five upgrades:

1. Multi-ticker data requestsExample,IBM,MSFT gets all the strikes for these three symbols with one API call.

Here's how it looks in Excel:


2. General core and Earn core columns can now be retrieved together:Example gets all the columns from the General Core and Earnings Core together in one API call. It looks like this in Excel:


3. History strikes date range data requests:Example,MMM&tradeDate=2019-08-01,2019-08-2 gets all the strikes for these three symbols for every trading day between 8/1/19 and 8/2/19. The Excel setup is:


4. History specific strikes request:Example {"ticker" : "AAPL", "tradeDate" : {"start" : "2019-08-01", "end" : "2019-08-13"}, "expirDate" : "2019-08-16", "strike" : 175} gets strike information for each trading day in the range. Note this is not a regular get request but a post request.  Not available in Excel.See

5. Intraday specific strikes request:Example {"ticker" : "AAPL", "expirDate" : "2020-06-19", "strike" : 290} gets this one strike information. Note this is not a regular get request but a post request. Not available in Excel. See

Please note that the Data API limit is 5000 rows per request.

The ORATS Data API starts with expertly cleaned data, the best fundamental options information like dividends and earnings dates, and sound calculation methods, to build a massive database of the important options information.

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